Speaking BBQ

by | May 1, 2021 | BBQ

We only use pecan wood to smoke our meat. No gas, no “compressed sawdust” pellets, no cheating.

Just doing BBQ the traditional Texas way.

Our goal is to make your meial the way you want it. Please let our friendly staff know what you like

If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask the Owner/Pitmaster Adam. (tall, sleep deprived man)

— Let’s Talk BRISKET —
Very little fat. Taken from the ‘flat’ of the brisket. Dryer than marbled. Can be sliced or chopped.

Marbled:  Juicy, more flavorful slice taken off the ‘point’ of the brisket. Can be sliced or chopped.

Chopped:  A combination of both Lean and Marbled. We use the whole trimmed brisket for chopped. Spuds, Egg Rolls, Sammich Specials and our Tex-Mex items use chopped.

— Let’s Talk RIBS —
We use St. Louis cut ribs.They are cut between a spare rib and baby back. A quarter (1/4) pound of meat is 2-3 bones depending on which end they are cut from.

— Let’s Talk CHICKEN —
We use skinless, boneless chicken breast. Sliced to order by weight.

— Let’s Talk TURKEY —
We use boneless turkey breast. Sliced to order by weight.

— Let’s Talk PULLED PORK —
We use Pork Butt, which is the pig shoulder. Go figure!

Combination of pork and beef ground in a natural casing, not too far from here in Snook, Texas.

Thank you for enjoying our BBQ!
Adam & Krystal Diebold